Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New adventures in SHOPPING!

Over the last 10 years shopping has been a pretty rough experience. I went from wearing a size 14 to 16 then after I was married a "larger" 16 (never wanted to admit I was an 18) after baby a size 20 and even had a Bridesmaid dress which was a size 22. UGH!

Dressing rooms were not my friend. They felt claustrophobic, like the walls were coming in on me. As my body grew I remember looking at the clothes and thinking, this is HUGE there is no way this will fit me- only to have it fit and snugly at that. Frustrating and sad there were so many times I cried in the dressing room, I cannot even count. Needless to say, as my weight has come off I have not really felt like shopping. One becasue I was losing wewight and didn't want to spend too much money and two, I already had 4 bins of clothing saved from my weight gaining over time.

Size 20 became an 18, then as those hung on me, I moved into my size 16, Size 14 (where I seemed to stay for a little while). My mom sent me a box of her pants she had become too thin for which were size 12. At Christmas I tried them on and they were pretty tight. At least I had new pants waiting for me once I got there. I wore those pants until they literally were almost falling off. Which meant I needed to go shopping....

Amazing jeans that make me feel great
My new jeans!
Last week I ventured to Brookfield Square to see what I could find. Found some good deals at JC Penney's, spent a little $ at Macy's and as I was getting ready to leave, I looked at The Limited down the end of the hall. The Limited used to be my favorite store. Once I hit a size 14, I just stopped going there. I couldn't justify spending $50 on a shirt or $70 on a pair of pants. Plus usually their clothes stopped looking good on me. I didn't feel cute anymore. I decided to go in and see what they had.

As I expected and as I remembered, they had such cute clothes! Almost too many to absorb.  I grabbed a few pairs of size 10 jeans and some medium shirts, some on clearance and some full price! Eek. As I stepped into the dressing room there was no feeling of claustrophobia. No fear or anxiety, if anything a little bit of excitement. The first pair I put on were PERFECT! Even beyond perfect. They hugged in exactly the right places and there was no muffin top in site! Fantastic!

Pretty in pink shirt
Pretty in Pink
Add an awesome light pink shirt and some new brown heels from Payless (Cognac Pumps) and I am feeling pretty darn hot! Not sure if it's narcissistic or snobby, but I like shopping again. It's no longer trying to find clothes that fit, it's finding which clothing looks best. Which color compliments my skin tone and what style shirt looks cutest is my newest dilemma. I will take it!

Shopping is FUN again! Now if only I had unlimited funds....