Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pizza, Pizza!

Cup o Chicken!
A couple months ago I saw a new thin crust pizza shell from Target. I used to LOVE making Boboli pizzas when I was single and even upgraded to the large ones once I got married. Even better a Pizza Hut personal pan pizza- meat lovers. yummy. Well Pizza Hut Personal Pan is 23 points for a tiny 8 inch pizza and I discovered a Boboli crust alone was 10 points for just one tiny shell....well I stopped those! SO, I was very excited when I discovered this new treasure-  1/3 of a crust was only 4 points! It give you about 3 slices of thin crust pizza for WAY less points! Feel free to play and add more veggies. Broccoli, Carrots, Green Onions, Load em on! All 0 points!
Italian cheese
Best Cheese- low points!

Here's my Awesome BBQ Chicken Pizza recipe:

1 - Thin Crust Shell = 11 points
5 T. - BBQ Sauce (I used Famous Dave's Sweet n Zesty) = 5 points
1 cup cooked chicken breast (chopped/shredded/chunked) = 5 points
2/3 cup - WW 4 Cheese Italian Blend=  4 points
Sliced Mushrooms = 0 points
Red Onion = 0 points

WHOLE Pizza = 25 points
1/3 pizza or 3 slices = 8 points

**Feel free to play and add more. Broccoli, Carrots, Green Onions, Load 'em on! All 0 points!

Finished Product
Worst case scenario, if you have a bad day and decide to eat the whole thing, you aren't splurging that much! Smoothie for breakfast (2pts) and soup (4pts) for lunch- heck you could eat the whole pizza and still have a good eating day! Imagine the damage you could do if you ate even 1/2 a pizza.....Sad, because I used to share a Pizza Hut Meat Lovers with my husband at least once a month. After researching, I know that was 50 points for 4 slices. UGH!